Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The highlights

Sent flowers to my mom and sister over the internet for the first time since I couldn't be with them on Mother's Day.

Crazy loud thunderstorm. Jumped about a mile, nearly had a heart attack and then was able to enjoy the absolute awesomeness of it.

Moved into my new office. Loving my own space, it's almost as big as my apartment....ok I kid, but it is bigger than my kitchen.

Put a run in my only pair of tights and now  have to rely on the sister to send me new ones because the Japanese aren't built like this German/Norwegian Anglo-Saxon.

English Plaza finally opened. Lots of space to hang out and students are beginning to make it a regular hang out spot. Go team!

Went to a baseball game at Tokyo Dome. Giants vs. Lions. Damn Giants beat us by 1 point in the bottom of the 10th!

Midterm conferences with students went well. Some of them are actually getting their buts in gear to pass their classes.

Took 172 students to Oregon for 4 days, yes 4 days, for a "study tour." Basically, it was them running around Salem with a few short hours of guided activity, meal times and then keeping all of the adults up all night acting like teenagers.  Cat herder was my title for those 5 days.

Back in Japan until Christmas. Miss my friends and family but I look forward to all my adventures between now and then!

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