Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Heat, Sweat and Cicadas

This is my second summer in Japan and frankly if this country was like this year round there is no way I would have taken the job. Being from the perfectly temperate region of the PNW I am absolutly out of my element. My desire not to suffer heat exhaustion and nausea from the diabolical combination of heat and humidity has me cowering in my aor conditioned apartment, against my better judgement. I would much prefer to be outside enjoying the sunshine, but alas during this time period it isn't going to happen. I look forward to weather becoming more tolerable at the end of August. Until then I'll continue to gape in astonishment at the men who go running covered head to toe in clothing and the women who stroll around in their layers upon layers of clothing and a parasol to top off the ensemble. 

To be cont.... 

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