Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 observations and life saving tips.

#1 Right, Left, Right. If you don't want to end up like an opossum, do it.

#2 The yellow line on the platform is not a suggestion. Stay behind it or you will be yelled at by invisible  

#3 Teenagers texting and walking (and biking) is not unique to the United States. The Japanese teens have    
     risen it to an art, get out of the way because they won't.

#4 Walking on the left side is a myth. You will have to dodge people no matter which side you try to stay on.

#5 You might believe there is an invasion of body snatchers here (think The Host). Girls wear the strangest
     contact lenses.

#6 Never assume that a store will take credit cards. Always check.

#7 Once you finish paying for your groceries be prepared to grab your basket and quickly move to the island
     and pack them up. The lovely cashiers will not wait for you to get out of the way before moving the next
     person along.

#8  The giggles when you speak Japanese to Japanese teenagers never goes away. No matter how many
      times you use it with them. Don't take it personally.

#9  There is a epidemic of sleepiness here. Students are either "fine" or "sleepy."

#10 If you don't like rice, fish and fruit you're screwed.

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