Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Shoebox a.k.a The Apartment

Okay. I'll be fair. It's bigger than a's more like the size of a large office. Well no not a large office because frankly I've seen offices twice the size of my apartment. Alright then it's the size of my college dorm room, plus my next door neighbors closet....yeah that sounds about right, and if you never lived in a dorm well it's about 250 square feet, if that helps.  It's sort of like living in a camper trailer. I walk in the door and need to take my shoes off, I don't want to be charged a fee for scuffing up the hardwood floors with my giant, very non-Japanese sized feet. I can put my purse and coat on my washing machine, I trip over the other 4 pairs of shoes I have at the door, fumble for the light switch because it's pitch black in my apartment (unless I have the curtains open) pass by the sink that reaches the tops of my thighs, my back hurts already, the door to the my toilet room and shower/bath room (which I have to duck through everytime I take a shower because I'm afraid I'll hit my head )and go into the main room. Really I should say "main room" because it's the only room. I have a computer desk only slightly smaller than my "dining room table", two smallish chairs, a closet that would be the envy of no-one,  anywhere, and the ladder that goes up to my loft bed. Yes ladder, I am once again 10 and I climb a ladder to get to bed at night. In between the computer desk and that ladder I have 3 steps ( I have freakishly long legs for Japan remember). I have managed to get a carpet, 85cm x 185cm. Yes, that's right I'm already operating in the metric system, it's also about 800m to the school from my apartment, which takes roughly 6 or 7 minutes.  It only took me a train 3 stops away (roughly 15 minutes) a 30 minute walk and a search through Viva Homes (superstore) where everyone is running around as if there is a fire sale going on before I found the rug, coffee pot and power strip I needed before I began the 30 minute walk back to the station, this times my arms loaded with items and then an hour going back and forth on 4 different trains trying to get back to my station. The Saturday schedule is difficult to figure out to say the least. 

But really I love it. I have a lot of fun walking around, getting lost on the trains (as long as I don't have anywhere to go) and searching for just the right item in just the right store. 

All I need now is a couch and I will be perfectly cozy in my cupboard under the Japanese sky. 

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